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Learn to Defend Yourself Against Any Type of Attack

Multiple Attackers

Basic Defense

Worst-Case Scenario

Weapons Defense

owner/instructor Paul Varacchi

Flow Krav Maga utilizes the most effective tools from the Krav Maga World in order to provide you with the best means to protect yourself against any kind of attack. I have a unique perspective in the field of self-defense due to my extensive experience with Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Combat Sambo, Wrestling, MMA and additionally I am the only American to be certified by Professor Itay Gil of Protect Security Systems in Israel. Rather than adhering to only one school of thought, Flow Krav Maga allows for an individualized approach for students of all ages so that you will learn the vital skills necessary for awareness and self-defense.

"Paul is a certified instructor under protect and I can say he is a top instructor that brings with him amazing skill and knowledge. His character  is what makes him excel. Along with the energy and passion he has for Krav Maga it makes him an easy going guy with no ego and fun to train with." 

Prof. Itay Gil

Protect (Founder & CEO)

"I have known Paul for many years. He first started training Combat Sambo under my student Reilly Bodycomb many years ago. Two years ago Paul began to train under me as well. In that time I have come to know a talented and dedicated student and teacher of the martial arts who does not sugar coat the realities of self protection. Paul's dedication and understanding of Krav Maga is apparent. More importantly, his ability to understand and impart information is one of his strongest assets, as is his techical knowledge and know how.  Any student of Paul's will be sure to receive well balanced and honest instruction that clearly addresses and identifies the differences & relationships between sport martial arts and self protection. Paul is unique among martial arts instructors in his desire to incorporate what works into his training, regardless of origin, while disregarding the impractical. Many people talk about being open, but few follow through in their own training and teaching. You will not regret training with Paul."

Stephen Koepfer

Head Coach, Team USA Combat Wrestling

Head Coach, New York Combat Sambo

President, American Sambo Association

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